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06-Feb-08, 21:20
One of my cats has developed a bad habit of pooing in my neighbour's big plant pot! We've scooped poo out of it twice because the pot isn't big enough for him to cover it properly, and we noticed today that he's kicked up a couple of bulbs that were planted in it :confused Does anyone know of anything we could put in the plant pot to deter him from using it? We want to nip it in the bud but we're not sure how. Our cats spend most of the day indoors so tend to use the litter tray most of the time but this latest fad of using the plant pot could end up causing problems with the neighbours! Does anyone have any suggestions?

06-Feb-08, 22:30
One thing to try is putting some of their food down where they do there dirt, they say that they will not dirt on a spot where they receive food. A few years ago there was a cat that kept comming into our garden and leaving his little presents. I tried the above and it seemed to work.

Keep us informed to see if it works!!

07-Feb-08, 13:30
Orange peel is supposed to deter them but I put this in a big plant pot once as a kitten was pooing in it and he had pooed right on top of it!!lol
You could try pepper or even Olbas Oil just at the edge of the pot as they don't like the smell.
There are deterrents such as 'Get Off My Garden' or even lion dung!
Good luck!

07-Feb-08, 18:28
You could try orange peel or stay away spray. Some people have sworn by anything reflective such as glass pebbles. Personally had the same problems with my cat and found that nothing would deter him but lifting the pots onto stands did put him off a little.

08-Feb-08, 10:59
Thanks for the suggestions. I love the idea of using lion dung :lol:

I might try using food first, and if that doesn't work, try orange peel or olbas oil to see if the smell deters him. Will let you know how I get on, thanks again.

08-Feb-08, 15:46
or else try a barb wired fence:)

08-Feb-08, 16:42
What about covering the top of the tub in a few layers of cling film?