View Full Version : What guitar to get

06-Feb-08, 00:43
Hi I want to buy a guitar, can anyone recommed what kind or make I should get. I think I woud like an electric/acoustic one. I am not a total beginner, as I used to play a little bit but really dont know what would be good to buy.

Any info or recommendations would be great.


06-Feb-08, 12:16
best bet is to go with what feels right to yourself
head into inverness and try out what catches your eye
and go for what plays good to you is comfortable etc
can suggest the music shop in inverness Darren Watts in there
is a very talented player and is patient so you will be allowed to try away on what is in your price range.

what i have suggested to someone before was to try a mexican strat or telecaster, or an eppy les paul also came across LAG guitars which is french built and very reasonably priced but i was amazed at the tone and versatility from them , all good guitars and with it being electric takes half the pain out of practice from an acoustic guitar.

07-Feb-08, 01:15
Dude, is it an electro acoustic or a semi acoustic you seek?

What styles of music do you play/wish to play, and what sort of budget do ye have ball park?

With this knowledge many decent suggestions may appear...