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22-Oct-05, 10:36
I have just been listening to "emptyhouse gone but not forgotten", a great c.d. featuring Sally Edwards and Katrina Scott and including "Great White Sheep", "Wild Geese", Hishie Ba", "Green Grow the Rashes" and other popular folk ballads beautifully sung by this local duo.
The music content, the mastering and the album sleeve of this c.d. are outstanding and all involved are to be congratulated on their superb product!
And no; I am not on commission; just appreciate good music!

17-Nov-05, 18:17
Ay, it's a great CD with catchy tracks and some of Sally and Katrina's favourites on it - I've got a copy too being into that kind of music, like!
Another good local CD (this time no vocals) is "The Sailor's Wife" by the local band "Northern Lights," consisting of Iain Ewart (piano accordion), Elizabeth Jones (fiddle) and Steven Jones (acoustic guitar). It was all recorded locally and can be bought locally too! Includes faves such as Dark Island, Ashokan Farewell, Six-Twenty Two-Step, The Rowan Tree etc. etc.
Check it out!

01-Jan-06, 22:47
well I bought "The Sailor's Wife" by the local band "Northern Lights and it was awful dont know how the have the nerve to put it on sale have heard far better and not had to pay for the privilige! All I can say is thank goodness there were no vocals that really would have been too much but each to there own I guess

02-Jan-06, 18:32
Nonsense, Genisis. The Sailor's Wife by the Northern Lights is a great CD. I have a copy at home and I really like it - they're a great traditional band and Steven recorded the CD at home. There's 12 excellent tracks, and Elizabeth plays the Ashokan Farewell with such feeling.
So what do you know about music, Genisis?

02-Jan-06, 18:40
Well as I said Peach its each to their own taste I simply didnt like it and now you mention it was made at home I can understand the poor quality and quote "" yes I agree the violin was haunting!!!!!!!
But it wouldnt do for us all to like the same thing would it :-) and there is no harm in blowing your own trumpet is there ?????????

02-Jan-06, 20:11
now you mention it was made at home I can understand the poor quality

With modern technology where it is at people at home can produce professional results, it was Steven's first attempt at production & that is not easy to master & is also made harder with a lack of good microphones at his disposal

So genesis I must disagree with you completely about home recording B'cos I have heard results from top name studios that don't match up to those produced at home. The top name studios are used to producing the big dogs & give them the full treatment where as the unknowns get a vaguely passable result for a high price. If people gain the knowledge of the studio & record on a good setup at home, everybody that comes in gets the same treatment for the same price. So I would reckon the "home recording industry" does better thatn your established studios

With most people able to get access to digital recording systems everybody is on a level playing field and the difference is in the engineering of microphones on the instruments & how it is mixed & mastered using equalisation etc etc.

Although there is holes that can be picked in the sailor's wife I expect a lot of them will have dissappeared by the time NL's second album is due out

I know it comes down to personal taste in music & I can't say that I would put the sailor's wife on by choice but that doesn't remove Steven's efforts & the calibre of the individual musicians & as Steven learns more about engineering & production the better results he'll produce EVEN AT HOME

"A Home Recording Artist"

02-Jan-06, 23:10

QUOTE: "And now you mention it was made at home I can understand the poor quality."

Your comment seems to reveal that you never actually bought the album, for if you had, you would have read the last page of the album booklet, which states that the CD was recorded at home.
Suddenly, you are surprised to learn that it was home-recorded?

Your comments were appreciated, and can I hazard a guess that you know what you're talking about!
Are you into the professional music recording industry by any chance?
Finally, your comments about NL's second album are encouraging, but for those of you who might be interested in purchasing the first album, please follow this link to a small dedicated site which features preview MP3s of some of the tracks on the album: www.midclyth.supanet.com (http://www.midclyth.supanet.com)

Comments on your favourite tracks will be appreciated!

02-Jan-06, 23:27
Having listened to that..I am only dissapointed I never bought a copy for over new year. I'm sure it would have livened things up a bit here.
Keep up the good work folks!!

02-Jan-06, 23:36
This album is now quite unique in that it was produced by James Yorke just shortly before they closed down their business in Caithness. And also, the graphics were done in Orkney by K4 Graphics.

03-Jan-06, 01:02
well sorry everyone I still dont like the music despite where it was made, who produced it or who did the graphics, I'm very sorry if this offends but if it is any consolation the Emptyhouse cd which my brother has bought is brill, mmm maybe he'll swap me!:o

03-Jan-06, 01:52
Mr or Miss Genisis(did you mean to mis-spell it) I don't like either of the two CD's in question and don't care how they were made. If you cannot take the heated debate of the average Caithnessian,however ignorant he or she may be, perhaps you should stay in Invergordon.LOL However,I'm sure you'll find a welcome in Caithness.

05-Jan-06, 03:08
The: "My music's better than your's debate again"!

How tiring . . . . .

What is one man's cure is another's poison. Most educated people would agree, that music being one of the many great artform's, has no right or wrong. The individuals perceptions are unique to them alone and should be respected.

Its just great to hear local music (of any kind) actually get into the public domain no matter how it was produced. The North of Scotlands musician's deserve as much positive energy as possible.

05-Jan-06, 04:13
Aye it's sad to see mucians defend their own music in a debate between those who are not directly invoved in the productions. The artist,I feel, should sit back and feel proud of his or her music no matter what is being said as a matter of opinion by others in a public debate.