View Full Version : anyone know of any jobs going

22-Oct-05, 03:26
just looking for a part time jpb
anyone know of any jobs going
cant seem to get a job now adays

31-Oct-05, 23:24
Jobcentre website (http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/cms.asp?Page=/Home)

Just type in your post code and it will do a search for your local area.;)

Mr P Cannop
31-Oct-05, 23:46
try the co-op

07-Nov-05, 00:21
no thanks dont want to work in a supermarket
have a job

07-Nov-05, 00:31
i need someone to tend my sheep,as long as you keep your zipper up:confused:

07-Nov-05, 15:51
ur alrite!!!

what do they get for farm work nowadays

Mr P Cannop
07-Nov-05, 17:20
try the red cross shop ??

07-Nov-05, 19:46
cant get a job, people r so fussy, whats wrong with a supermarket

09-Nov-05, 23:27
Whats right with it?
cant sit and work in a supermarket for the rest of you life!!
i think its sad people who do that!
no offence but its not my kinda thing

09-Nov-05, 23:38
well part-time is ok! will do until something else comes along

09-Nov-05, 23:46
take it u work in a supermarket en
just by the way u r speain about it lol

10-Nov-05, 00:17
:eek: no, i don't, i was only saying it will do until something else comes along, little extra cash and it would pass the time too!! not offending you, it was an idea:(

10-Nov-05, 00:20
:confused: firstly you could'nt get a job, then you did'nt want to work in a supermarket because you had a job!!:confused: :confused: :confused:

twee dledum
10-Nov-05, 01:29
:confused: maybe you could be a bit more specific as to what
type of job you are looking for. It might help a bit
just looking for a part time jpb
anyone know of any jobs going
cant seem to get a job now adays

10-Nov-05, 19:23
im not needing a job but just wanted to know if anyone knew of any jobs that were goin just fancied a change

10-Nov-05, 21:25
What are you doing at moment ? I work in a shop as an assistant, its not great but it pays the bills. I'd like a change to a job paying 30,000 a year. Wanna swop ?

11-Nov-05, 02:04
wont get that kinda mun from ma job lol
im a part time nurse

11-Nov-05, 14:16
Well I never thought I'd work in a supermarket but I got a part time job in Somerfield's in Thurso for a while and it was fine. I actually really enjoyed meeting the people and helping out customers - a job is what you make it and who exactly are you to look down on people who want to do their job for "life" no matter what it is?

I think it is laughable that people think it is below them to do a job, where would they be if everybody felt that working in a shop no matter how big or small was beneath them....

Sorry wouldn't normally get so snotty but this got me very annoyed.

11-Nov-05, 23:51
sorry to have annoyed u but im young and want to make summit out of my life

12-Nov-05, 00:06
i think being a nurse is doing pretty well, what did you fancy changing to??

Mr P Cannop
12-Nov-05, 17:53
try the co-op in thurso or wick ??

12-Nov-05, 18:20
try the co-op in thurso or wick ??

:rolleyes: a few think working in a supermarket is sad??? a jobs a job.

13-Nov-05, 23:22
just looking for a part time jpb
anyone know of any jobs going
cant seem to get a job now adays

do let us know when you get a better job!! i'd love to see what it is.

13-Nov-05, 23:34
i am happy being a nurse but we all get fed up after a while

anyone agree

13-Nov-05, 23:45
:) that's very true, same thing day in day out a change is good.

15-Nov-05, 00:11
exactly and everyone is entitled to their own opinion

someone agrees woohoo sam e thing does get boring
does anyone know of any jobs goin then??

twee dledum
15-Nov-05, 00:38
How about the mace shop in Castletown. They're always advertising for staff. Or the garage along the road from them is looking for a petrol attendant. There's loads of jobs on the go just now.

15-Nov-05, 01:29
i know but i just dont know what i want to do tho
anyone have good and bad points about jobs to help me

15-Nov-05, 01:45
so people that work in a shop never make anything of theirselves?
you digging a deep hole hun!
i was a head start teacher before i came here
but i took a job as a bartender.. and enjoyed it..
been a full time mum for two years now.. and feel i have made a lot out of myself.
i came from another country.. have been to several dif countries and explored dif cultures and met many wonderful people.
then after having children i continue to learn and grow
and better myself.
yet i do not have a high powered job.
nor do i plan to.. even though i plan on going back to work.
dosent mean anything..
at the end of the day tis who you are not what you do that makes something of yourself.. and truthfully your snobbery is going to hold you back.
you have to start at the bottom to work your way up.

15-Nov-05, 23:49
i asked for likes and dislikes about jobs not what u thought of me so if u aint goin to say anything decent dont bother replyin to my things

16-Nov-05, 00:22
How about rector in high school have you seen the salary :O

16-Nov-05, 02:16
which high school is that??

16-Nov-05, 02:40
its thurso high just read something