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04-Feb-08, 21:49
how do you tell if a dog is pregnant? is there a way or do you have to just wait and see?
what if the dog isn't any bigger after 6 weeks? is it normal? unless she isn't pregnant?
if the mammory glands are...hanging down either side...is it normal for an adult bitch or is it because she is pregnant?

it was an accidental mating on the 9th day of oestrous only for about 5 minutes or less. (proper mating though unfortunatly)
but, if she is pregnant her due date is 25th feb...

any advice?

04-Feb-08, 21:51
I would see the vet for advice.

04-Feb-08, 22:48
Extracts from Book of the Bitch by J M Evans and Kay White also personal experience:
The bitch may not show any external signs of pregnancy until around the35th day of pregnancy, at this time the colour of the teats deepen and become larger and erect, this is more noticeable on the teats near the hind legs. The mammary glands become enlarged.

From 35th day she may have a vaginal discharge of opaque or white mucus, if this is blood stained or discoloured seek advice from a vet (my Jess's was a pale brown sort of colour).

She may get morning sickness.

I would recommend this book, full of good advice, was my bible when Jess had her pups.

If at all concerned see the vet.

Good luck!

04-Feb-08, 23:09
thank you for the practical advice, i was looking for this more than just the vet...the vet can do anything but they charge your left leg so if i can do anything myself i will, obviously not in an emmergency though. plus my friend is a vet. i was just curious, i can wait until a little sooner and have been reading so much about it i can't see straight anymore.
she is showing some signs but not a lot and there is still 3 weeks to go so will see i just wondered if there is any specific way. a vet did say she could only have two or three as it was only a quick mating even though he was stuck, so it may be hard to tell as her belly might not get a lot bigger. she did worry me on friday though as she didn't eat until teatime, and this dog just doesn't do that she has been food obsessed since birth! then i read that dogs might go off their food if they are pregnant at about 6 weeks, which she was yesterday!
i'll just have to wait and see, it could also be a false pregnancy.

05-Feb-08, 23:06
The length of the 'tie', note: not stuck, is no indication of how many pups your bitch may have. This can vary from a few minutes to 20 minutes or more. When I was breeding labs, one mating with a tie lasting less than 5 minutes produced a litter of 14 healthy pups. 20 minute ties have, on one occasion, produced only 4.

Other signs to look for are a loss of hair from around the teats, and increased panting. ( one of the best signs in colder weather). You could also feel around her undercarriage, at 6 weeks you will be able to feel if there are any pups. This will be difficult if you dont know how your bitch usually feels.

06-Feb-08, 19:02
The length of the tie does not necessarily mean a good mating nor does it indicate numbers of pups. Scanning by the vet can estimate a number but as you have already suggested you don't appreciate the arm and leg charges I'm assuming you'll be better off waiting and seeing.
Phantom pregnancies will produce the exact same symptoms as a normal pregnancy and all you can do is wait and see if you're not prepared to pay for a scan.
All dogs are different at the end of the day. Books can give you good advice as to what to expect but it';ll only help to an extent.
The last 3 weeks could produce alot more physical signs very rapidly.
Do you know her dates?
Assuming your bitch is pregnant, do you have any idea about whelping and what you need to have prepared? Or even what to expect?
What is your idea of an emergency? You may find your idea of an emergency now and then when your bitch is whelping are very different.

06-Feb-08, 21:39
i'll know when i see it. and yes though i've not experianced birthing pups i am not clueless i have done a lot of researched, asked the vet questions and i leanrt a lot in college when i did an animal care course and still have my notes.i know what to expect and am expecting surprises too. yes, i am prepared. well, will be in a couple of days just finishing off the new doggy bedroom.

thanks for replying dehaviland i am preparing for more than a few although i am having more and more doubts now as the days go by, i can still feel no pups her belly is no bigger than usual but i guess i'll know nearer the time.
she is absolutly exhausted today but im hoping its just because of a lot of excersize she's been out all afternoon playing plus a few miles this afternoon and evening alongside me and my bike. will soon see anyway:D