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04-Feb-08, 15:58
Hi There,

Just wondered if there were any other Michael Marra fans on the Org.:)

The Pepsi Challenge
04-Feb-08, 16:49
He's OK. Was going to see him at Celtic Connections but he pulled his gig (a support slot) due to illness.

04-Feb-08, 17:21
Hi Pepsi Challenge,

I didn't know he'd canceled..I was fair annoyed with myself for not getting tickets.:lol:

I hope he's okay...I love that gravelly ol' voice and he is so very clever with his lyrics.

05-Feb-08, 17:08
I did his sound sytem twice when he came up for Wildcat in the Pentland Hotel, Thurso. Superb dry wit - very entertaining chap indeed. I loved the ironing board as his keyboard stand!!;)

05-Feb-08, 18:44
I've only seen him the once but yes, very entertaining; really enjoyed his show.:)

05-Feb-08, 19:14
Grand, I am so pleased that folks are enjoying his work.

A friend is currently tidying up some old MM stuff from record so that I can complete my collection and I can't wait.

I was thinking what my favourites would be and it's soooo hard..but I love Baps 'n' Paste' for it's argy bargy between the Dundee housing estate residents while picking berries and Happ'd in Mist for the sheer poignancy of young life cut short by war.

Like Deemac I have met him and he is just as down to earth and funny as you would expect.:D

I had to try hard to stay cool and no tell him quite what a genius he is....widnae want him getting too big headed!;)

06-Feb-08, 01:13
Michael Marra will be appearing at the Mill Theatre at 8.00pm on Thursday 28th February for anyone who is interested. Tickets are 7.00 & 5.00 (Conc.) and you can book a seat by calling Thurso 896956. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

06-Feb-08, 01:35
Michael Marra.
Fantastc singer / songwriter.
One of Scotland's best ever.

07-Feb-08, 01:40
He's OK. Was going to see him at Celtic Connections but he pulled his gig (a support slot) due to illness.

Dude what did you think of Session A9?


The Pepsi Challenge
07-Feb-08, 04:33
They had a bit of a nightmare in terms of the sound on the night. But I've always been a fan of Adam Sutherland and Charlie McKeron. Apart from them, there was an abundance of top quality performances at this year's Celtic Connections. Harp Heaven - a rarity: 12 harpers on the same stage at the same time - was truly unique; Swedish trio Vasen were a blond, syncopated joy to watch; but for me, Catriona McKay's New Voices commission was one of the most innovative and spectacular things I've witnessed in years. Special mention to the Classic Album series of gigs where Jock Tamson's Bairns reformed to play their 1982 album, The Lasses' Fashion, in its entirety. Oh, and the free cups of tea at the Royal Concert Hall - not to mention the free Carlsberg backstage - were quite something, too.