View Full Version : hydro shop in wick.

03-Feb-08, 16:50
Bought a large screen telly from the Hydro shop in High street Wick the other day, May i mention just how polite & helpfull the girl,s that work there are. I was very impressed in the way they helped me pick & choose & their recommendations, Excellent staff ,impeccable manners & nice honest information. thank you girl,s i can recommend anyone looking for electrical appliances to visit the shop. 10 OUT 10. :p

04-Feb-08, 13:49
Would Agree Very Helpful In There No Patteer

04-Feb-08, 16:48
Would say the Hydro Shop in Thurso is very much the same, very helpful staff there too.

04-Feb-08, 18:44
Got a LCD tv from the Wick store over a year ago great service :)