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03-Feb-08, 14:06
I just wondered if anyone out there had successfully managed to housetrain a rabbit. Just wondered what the pro's and con's are. Was going to get a dog cage for her with a litter tray in so she is safe at night and when we are not around. Don't know if this is the right thing to do. I also wondered if i would need to treat her for fleas as we have a cat and is it ok to use a cat flea treatment on her?

03-Feb-08, 16:10
Ihave a bunny that lives in the front room. He is in a cage during the day and comes out i the evening when the little ones have gone to bed...It is quite easy to litter train a rabbit as long as you have patience.The dog cage is ideal.Put a litter tray in the corner inside his cage until he realises that he is to do his buisness in it...If you place it in the cage at first he will use it, as he wont want to sleep in his own droppings. Once he gets used to it, then move it out of the cage, in front and keep moving it back every day until it is away from his bedroom. Not too far ...I used news paper in mine.Tried all the other products but found this worked better.They seem to enjoy playing with the paper.Put a layer of straw under the paper so the moisture is drawn away.
If you want a happy bunny make sure he has a hide away to lie down in during the day.A chair with a sheet over it, large box, plenty of toys to stop him chewing the wires.
You will have to make sure that the room is fully bunny proofed and do expect some4 accidents, but he will turn out to be a spoilt bun like mine. I have 6 all together in the house and it is fantastic....Any more help needed just pm and will try and help...No expert just a bunny lover...

Yes you would have to treat he for fleas, especially as you have a cat.Also check his ears to make sure that they dont start to scratch at their ears, it can become a problem for the rabbit if it ends up with mites or fleas around or in its ears...You can get flea treatment especially for rabbits at Pets at Home, not a bad price and does the job.

03-Feb-08, 16:59
This is a link to the house rabbit society, lots of good advice there

03-Feb-08, 17:19
Thanks! Didn't know that website existed. Has made me even more determined to house train her now!

lady penelope
03-Feb-08, 18:20
Poppet, my bunny is house trained. She does love to chew wires though, especially live ones! so she has a large 6 sided run in the lounge with her litter tray. Cat litter can be harmful so I use rabbit litter instead.
She sleeps in her hutch in the utility room and seems happy to do so. She goes outside in her run in the summer, although I feed her fresh grass every day( except if it's snowed), timothy hay and rabbit nuggets all year round.:)

09-Feb-08, 23:00
We have a horse rabbit but i would not call it house trained as it has already chewed through two sets of cordless phones and a set of earphones. She stays in a cage in our utility and gets out in the garden run/shed through the day. I sometimes let her out in our lobby which is about 20ft long(if i hide the wire for the storage heater) she runs about and uses her tray.