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02-Feb-08, 14:45
Someone sent me a weblink showing a really fat dog. I would have let you all see it but am a bit of a technohoper as far as that sort of thing is concerned.

Why oh why do people let their animals get to such a state. Is it loving kindness or just bone idleness?

How about getting off their bottoms and taking the poor thing for a walk or two

02-Feb-08, 16:23

I got a link to this one, is it the one you mean? :)

02-Feb-08, 16:40
I noticed that yesterday. It has slimmed down.I sometimes think that some owners who are slightly over weight think it is ok for their dog to be the same.Do they not understand that it is very unhealthy for any dog to be over weight, by more than 5k.Once a dog puts on that kind of weight it causes many problems for them later on, breathing, legs, they all suffer....Oh what we do to our dogs....:confused

02-Feb-08, 18:59
I agree justine, its cruel, im no dog expert just a dog lover, and neither of my boys are or have ever been over weight, you are right how many of us see over weight people dragging their overweight dogs on wee walks round the block, or thrown in a car to go somewhere, to stand watching the dog run about......why not walk them to the area:roll:
Harry is a big lab, his weight is spot on, he gets his meals thats it, if he is being trained then a handful of his food does for treats, its sad that some folk have labs and expect them to be...chunky or big built, ive even been told "hes thin" he needs fattening up............rubbish hes fit, healthy, and we have had absolutely no health problems with him.
As i dont pack myself full of rubbish, or eat between meals i certainly wouldnt do that to my dog, ok thats my rant over:lol:

02-Feb-08, 19:10
Thats definately not a rant MISS K.It is more than correct.Their are to many fat people dragging their dogs around the block because they cant go much further themselves...We have bingo who is a cross Staghound/GSD and weighs in at 41k.The vet says he is perfect for his weight.He has plenty of exercise, 2 meals aday and not many treats.No human food unless he pinches it out of the bin.
I neither eat between meals or pig out on things.I am a comfortable 10 stone,which after nine kids is great.my dogs and kids keep me fit enough to walk my dogs for an hour or so each walk...