View Full Version : Check water bottles

02-Feb-08, 13:22
all my outdoor water bottles had frozen up this morning on the rabbits hutches, nozzles also and they were covered up. So please check yours so all bunnies are still drinking in this cold.

02-Feb-08, 13:41
Had the same problem this morning too. This is the first time it has happened to me. All sorted now.:D

02-Feb-08, 13:48
I was checking tuggs site for temp but it was only -4.2 so very surprised they froze so hard, Never been a problem here before either.

02-Feb-08, 15:08
I brought Lenor in last night before it started to snow. I was worried it was going to be windy again so thats 2 nights in a row he's been in. I might keep him inside for the moment especcially with the VHD concerns at the moment.

02-Feb-08, 15:25
If people insist on leaving their rabbits out for the winter i would suggest getting a bottle snug from PAH..They are good to keep the bottles from freezing over night...I had thought of them for my buns but decided on bringing them in in november.Cant wait for the all clear for VHD and the cold weather has gone so they can return to their enclosures outside....