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23-Apr-03, 19:02
What are the opinions on the charge appearing in London Daily Telegraph about George Galloway receiving money from Iraq plus other charges?

23-Apr-03, 20:46
I did not trust the wee Dundee Naaf one little bit even before this all came out, but hey Im only one opinion

George Brims
23-Apr-03, 21:45
Everyone has his/her price. Unfortunately no-one's offered me 375,000 quid a year to oppose anything (though I am available).

Bill Fernie
24-Apr-03, 00:20
Watching the various news programmes tonight seems to leave it all a bit uncertain. Lawyers say that unless they can produce witnesses to back up the bits of paper the Telegraph could be on shaky ground. It could all be fake, It could all have been a scam by a corrupt Iraqi to try and get money underr false pretences. It could have been almost anything without evidence. As the lawyer said bits of paper are not evidence to stand up in court. Mr Galloway has won several Libel cases and looks unafraid of going to court with the newspaper. Interesting maybe but really a side show compared to the real problems facing Iraq and the rest of us. It may never even get to court and it will all be left hanging. More interesting perhaps will be how the Labour Party deals with the situation. Another dilemma for the party bosses and for those of you far away the TV programmes here in the UK were suggesting that they would wait to see if a court case comes about and what the result is before taking any action to expel Mr Galloway from the party. As he is threatening to stand as an Independent if expelled they have to decide if they want perhaps to lose a seat ( but they might consider they can afford to lose one having such a large majority). Certainly the TV has had a field day today unearthing all of his assets and how much he owes on his mortgages on various properties but they do not appear to have turned anything up that is illegal. In fact in some ways he might be a bit miffed as they parade all his financial details on the TV but against that they may be doing him a favour as if after all the investigations they find nothing untoward he comes out squeky clean and the newspaper allegations begin to look more shaky.
But lets face it we may not get an outcome till well into next year if the legal system even starts to grind on this one. Now about the price of petrol...........................

25-Apr-03, 15:10
I am convinced that George Galloway is a victim of the dirty tricks department of the British secret services.
You might say well what evidence do you have?
I have none. But I do have a very worrying and germaine precedent you might like to consider because it illustrates the cosy little world where espionage and politics meet. Where do they meet? On the terrace of the Houses of Parliament over a cup of tea that's where.
The precedent?
In the 1880s the Irish were agitating for changes in land legislation fair rents, security of tenure etc etc .. Their leader was Charles Stuart Parnell and their strategy was to withold rents.
At the height of the crisis two top British officials were stabbed to death by members of a tiny revolutionary group called The Invincibles. (The Phoenix Park Murders).
Parnell had nothing to do with this.
The Times of London received a package of letter purporting to be communications between the murderers and Parnell.
The letters were forgeries.
Yet the Times published them.
TheTimes was assured by the British secret service that the forgeries - an extremely clumsy job - were genuine.
They weren't and the Times was in deep trouble. For about a week.
For Times substitute Daily Telegraph.
Never underestimate the trickery of the old boys club!

29-Apr-03, 18:26
Total stitch up

funny how they found it so easily

total plant and rigged

22-Jun-03, 12:33
Seems to be a total stich up right enough, although like Golach I dont trust the man one little bit.

22-Jun-03, 19:47
Kw14, well I never you and me agreeing about something!!! I will need till go and lie doon now

23-Jun-03, 04:40
You know Golach I was having a scan through some of the previous posts yesterday and there are a few other things that I agree with you on - but lets just take things slowly at first :eyes