View Full Version : Any up here got a Chihuahua?

30-Jan-08, 19:54
I would like a chihuahua as a pet, not really into big dogs, prefer something smaller. Any up here got one or got any experience of this breed of dog?

03-Feb-08, 14:23
The Kennel Club has breeders listed in different areas I think. Also, Pets at HOme have a notice by the checkout advertising a puppy finding service.

A friend of mine who used to live up here had 4 chihuahuas (personally I'd get a breed that was easier to spell). Two had heart problems (one also had a lot of eye trouble) and both died at about age 10, and one died at a young age because the next door neighbour's GSD ate it. The one that's left is very sweet and I like him a lot (that's saying something coming from a lab owner). They were all called Taco or Enchilada or something. She got them in Aberdeenshire somewhere. I did ask her for you but she can't recall the people's names now.

Good luck.

03-Feb-08, 14:53
hi if you look in the scot adds you will find then in there

08-Feb-08, 15:43
My niece down south has one, but personally I would get a little dog that is a bit more robust, he is a lovely natured little thing, but little and a fussy eater, with a delicate stomach and they can be a bit iffy to house train. I wouldnt spend the money the breeders are wanting for them.

08-Feb-08, 19:41
Theres one for sale on the notice board in Pets at Home.