View Full Version : MIssing Ginger cat - Found at Vets Now

28-Jan-08, 20:47
My cousin found a ginger cat with white bits on it (don't know if its a boy or girl) outside Seaview Nursing Home. Unfortunately the cat has been hit by a car and is in pain. The cat was picked up by the vet and is at the surgery.

If anyone knows who the cat belongs to would you please pass this on and hopefully the owners will get their cat back in better health.

29-Jan-08, 19:45
Well done to your cousin for helping this poor cat.
Goodness knows what would have happened to it if she hadn't intervened.
Here's hoping that an owner comes forward but I will contact the Vet surgery to see what the situation is and,if no owner is forthcoming, Cats Protection will take it into foster care.