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28-Jan-08, 17:46
Does anyone know how I could go about becoming a home help? Are there any qualifications needed, etc? Im an at home mum and looking to do something that would fit in with my girls, has anyone got any information.
Thank you

28-Jan-08, 17:57
Hi Pauline79

Don't think you need qualifications for being a home help at the moment, think its more relevant experience that they look for. I know that Bayview house employs home helps, you could maybe contact them for more info?

28-Jan-08, 18:50
Home Carer office in Thurso phone 895444 and ask for Kathleen. They are no longer called homehelps. They can be really short staffed at times, depending on where you are

hell raizer
28-Jan-08, 19:43
as a retired home carer i'd phone bayview and ask for kathleen or kate and ask them to send you out a form. it was the best job i ever had, and i still miss going out helping and meeting people.

28-Jan-08, 20:45
Id really like to do this... But i dont have a driving license. Would like to be a carer..

28-Jan-08, 20:58
Don't be put off.
If you are in one of the towns I am sure the Home Care section, if you meet their requirements, would be happy to consider your suitability.
Some drive, some cycle, some even walk.
Good Luck!

hell raizer
28-Jan-08, 21:03
Id really like to do this... But i dont have a driving license. Would like to be a carer..
i was a home carer for 7yrs and i've never had a driving license, they usually get you work in your own area - i used to start at 9 am for some clients and 10am for another some like you coming in later it just depends

28-Jan-08, 21:06
Im looking for evening/weekend work.. Is there still a need then?

hell raizer
28-Jan-08, 21:20
i retired 1yr ago, not sure what weekend work situation is anymore, weekends was all i did when i started best phone bayview and ask. kathleen and the girls are very obliging

29-Jan-08, 17:52
I thought it was Pultney House in Wick that you had to ring, thats what i did and they sent me an application form:D

31-Jan-08, 11:49
Thank you for all your help, ill get onto it andlet you all know how I get on.