View Full Version : Matilda the cat

27-Jan-08, 15:04
Matilda came into foster care some time ago after her her owners said they would have her put to sleep if we didn't take her!

She was rehomed but has now, sadly, come back into foster care as her owner is unwell and can't look after her.

Matilda is a lovely friendly lady of about 8 years of age and it is such a shame that she will be going into an outside foster pen after being used to the comfort of a home.

If you can give her the forever home she deserves then please pm me.

You can see her at www.caithnesscatsprotection.org.uk


05-Feb-08, 00:39
Matilda really is a lovely wee cat and all she wants is a permanent home. If anyone can help, please contact Cats Protection.

05-Feb-08, 13:36
Afraid Matilda still hasn't found her forever home.
If you can give this lovely lady the home she needs and deserves then please get in touch. She hates being confined to a foster pen after being used to a home!

06-Feb-08, 15:40
Hi Liz - I sent you a pm a while back and have sent another one just now - can we come and see Matilda??

06-Feb-08, 20:07
Have sent you a pm.