View Full Version : A great winter warmer + belly filler

26-Jan-08, 13:32
Well i thought i'd up the bar a little and share my kitchen speciality with you all as well

Heres mine and I hope at least one of you has tried this or will try it as its so tasty and it fills you up.

Ive called it

Pasta, either twirls or shells or whatever
boiling water
tomato soup (gotta be heinz.......lol)
parmesan cheese

boil water, sprinkle a little salt in it then add pasta.
Once cooked drain water then add heinz tomato soup to the pasta and put back on the hob stirring just to bring it up to an edible temperature and serve.
Add parmesan cheese to give more flavour if you want.

Honestly this is delicious and many a people ive told about it just go ugh when they havnt even tried it.

I hope that one of ye's try's this super quick winter warmer and report back to say if its worthy of a Michelin Star..

01-Feb-08, 12:34
Nice soup...just had it for lunch...mmmm

13-Feb-08, 15:06
have tried this soup and it's really tasty and filling:)

13-Feb-08, 16:38
I have a similar recipe only it is called Tomasta Soup and is just as nice and simple