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percy toboggan
24-Jan-08, 19:03
I like animals, especially domesticated ones...I'd never knowingly be cruel or hurt one.

Ten weeks ago , after finding we had a mouse problem (caught five in traps within a week) we decided to adopt a cat from a rescue centre.

We were told he was a neutered tom...we called him Smudge.

He's not been out of the house in the interim...the mice seem to have disappeared...Smudge has been having fun scratching everything apart from what he's meant to scratch. Softwood doors, and the nearly new leather suit all attest to his presence in our home.

I almost took him back to the rescue centre to be honest....but felt mean and decided to give him a reprieve, thinking he might benefit from roaming outside expending some of his surplus energy. So, last night we took him to the vets to get the full range of jabs and a years worth of anti-flea treatment.

The vet informes us Smudge is a female. We have no idea now whether the cat has been spayed or not? Vet thinks that because he (she's) quite large, then it's likely. Mind you, other things we have learned today mean she could well be in season. Do we let her out ? Do we want kittens? No thanks.
Smudge is a handsome critter and is affectionate and very clean. Apart from the scrattin' problem all is well - apart from this new gender revelation.

Is there anyone who knows about cats who can advise? Would an x-ray reveal anything about her innards? Seems a shame to have her cut open only to find she's 'been done' ....should have asked the vet all this but I was so taken aback I forgot !:confused

24-Jan-08, 19:44
aw thats such a shame they messed up. i think you should call the vet and ask advice, may even be worth taking her back to be checked out. you'd need to know if she has been done, if you don't want kittens, its not worth the risk letting her out. it's best to know first.
can't you call the rescue centre and get them to check her out again, telling them that it was supposed to be a doctored male...maybe someone will remember if she is a doctored female? might be worth it.
i hope you get it sorted soon, at least you didn't call her ben or jack:D

24-Jan-08, 23:29
In my experience of Female cats, their tummy tends to hang down quite noticeably after they have been spayed. I was told that this is due to some muscles being affected by the operation. Don't quote me on that fact.

However, I CAN attest to the fact that our female cat was nicknamed "Bingo Belly" by our daughter, after her (the cat's) tummy started to flop about when running.

25-Jan-08, 00:01
Afraid their really is no way of telling whether she has been spayed apart from 'opening her up' I'm afraid!
It would only be apparent if she had been spayed recently and scarring was still there. Most cats bellies 'hang down' Scorrie.
You should contact the rescue centre you got her from as they may be willing to pay for this.
With re the scratching problem I can highly recommend a product called 'Sticky Paws' for your suite. It is like a kind of sticky tape which you put on the areas she is scratching. You should only need to do this for a month or so as they usually don't bother going back to these areas once you've removed it.
I found that a couple of drops of Olbas oil on any furniture being scratched works a treat and great for your sinuses as well!lol Not too much though as essential oils can be toxic to cats. When she gets out and about she may well stop this behaviour. Do you have any scratching posts as you could place these near objects she is scratching as,hopefully, she may use these instead.
Good luck!

percy toboggan
26-Jan-08, 17:59
thanks all...
the rescue centre lady was very reasonable this morning and offered to pay for spaying if the cat has kittens...offering also to take her back whilst the young were born. The policy there now is no un-neutered or un-spayed cats are released.

She remains indoors (Smudge) , and from said shelter ladies description of a cat 'in-season' I'm not convinced this one is. Apparently they come into season every three weeks, and act quite strangely.
Smudge just has a face stroking fetish - she cannot get enough and as I type is rubbing her chin and face on the corner of the comp screen !
The scratching has eased a bit - she has a habit of leaping from sofa to window ledge and leaving marks with her rear claws as she 'takes-off'.

Worse things happen at sea though, and she has wheedled her way into our affections far enough for a reprieve for now anyway....I just hope the gender mix-up hasn't given her a complex :-)

26-Jan-08, 19:31
I am glad you got things sorted out.
It really does sound like she has been spayed as you would have known about it by now if she has been indoors for a while! They can make the most awful yeowling noise when in season!
All I can suggest for the claw marks is to keep her claws well trimmed. Although having a cat, or indeed any pet, does come with a certain amount of 'mess' from scratch marks to hair. Still they're worth it!
When she is 'face rubbing' she is actually marking with pheromones. This is why the product Feliway is so helpful with any kind of behavioural problem as it releases pheromones which in turn relaxes and reassures the cat.