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13-Oct-05, 09:49
Hi im planning learning to drive any advice on who to go with? I in Thurso.. Or any ideas if there a waiting list for certain instructors?

Thanks :D

13-Oct-05, 11:27
Francis Dunnet, he does Thurso on thursdays. Great guy, I learnt with him, passed first time with very low number of faults!

Details here: http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/business.php?id=943

13-Oct-05, 11:58
i agree francis dunnet is a great guy i passed my test with him when i lived in thorso

13-Oct-05, 13:38
just a thought.. you shoud try the car as much as the instructor. When i was 17 a few of my friends used to find it terrible to drive fracncis dunnets austin metro, compared to, say, corsas or fiestas.

13-Oct-05, 17:50
I no this is going of the subject a bit when i took my driving test a long time ago i failed the first time around and its some blow to the system when u fail when your so wanting to pass when your young.