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12-Oct-05, 13:54
On Saturday 29th of October 3 bands will take to the stage to deliver their own brands of rock.

Tenesee Kait hail from Perth and are without doubt one of the most exciting and powerful live acts in Scotland. This year alone they have supported the Wildhearts, InMe and Electric Eel Shock, released a new EP and embarked on a tour of the UK. If you like your rock fast, energetic and powerful then don't miss them.

Shutter exploded on to the highland music scene last year and have been making waves in the music industry since. With a unique sound employing dance rhythms with rock guitar you'll struggle to hear a more original sound.

Supporting these two will be Caithness' very own BossHogg. BossHogg are currently working on their debut EP set for release by the end of 2005. Anyone who has seen them before will know they always deliver a tight melodic rock set packed with grinding riffs, sing-a-long melodies and energetic performances.

If you're not up to anything and are a fan of rock music then this is one not to be missed. Even if you are up to something... CANCEL IT!!!

Thurso Viewfirth Main Hall
Saturday 29th October 8pm
Tickets cost 3 and are available from Thurso and Wick music shops or on the door.


The Pepsi Challenge
13-Oct-05, 03:10
Not that I've seen Boss Hogg, but they should be headlining. I've seen the other bands mentioned a few times, and I've no doubt our Caithness contingent will blow them off the stage and send their poodle-haired, po-faced, chancers back tae Perthshire and wherever else the other lot came from. Have a good 'un, guys. :)

17-Oct-05, 15:50
Thanks for the comments Pepsi. We just played afew gigs with Tenesee Kait in Perth, Dundee and St Andrews and they put on a very energetic show in each venue. I don't know if we should be headlining or not, we'll let the audience decide that once they've seen TK.

They do say that if you're going in the right direction, the bands you support today will be supporting you tomorrow so fingers crossed we're progressing in that direction.


J Wishbone
28-Oct-05, 10:21
Hope to see a good crowd tomorrow night. These guys from Perth really are worth the trip to the Viewfirth.

They will absolutely blow you away, not only with their music but with their stage performance also. I know there's loads of halloween parties going on but any effort made to go will be well worth it, and you could even wear your costume up to the Viewfirth.

It's only 3 and there's not many places to offer 3 bands for a measely 3.

On a similar note, if you're in the Dingwall area tonight, Tenesee Kait and Boss Hogg will be playing at the Balconie Inn in Evanton.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!!!!

nutty da drummer
18-Nov-05, 19:42
it was a total awesome gig, really loved it and really glad i went. all the bands were great and thanks to everyone that helped out at it. :D