View Full Version : Mrs Golach's Birthday

12-Oct-05, 08:45
Every good wish for a very special day.may the diamonds lustre, the ferrari purr,the roses have a divine perfume and the chocolates all have your favourie centres.

12-Oct-05, 18:27
Happy birthday,

have a great day,

mind and tell him the dress is for the night out, so you are still due a pressie

Lots of love


Mr P Cannop
12-Oct-05, 19:34
all the very best Mrs Golach

13-Oct-05, 09:24
Happy birthday Mrs G

13-Oct-05, 23:35
Mrs G says a beeg TY to all, but she is so embarassed at all you "strangers" as she says wishing her a happy birthday, its gonna take me a long time till educate her but thanks to you all

14-Oct-05, 02:31
You know me, so no reason to be embarrassed.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Mrs Golach

18-Oct-05, 03:24
I am no stranger, so I hope Mrs golach will accept my wishes for a very happy birthday! May she have all the crispy duck that her fave restaurant can dish. -Helen