View Full Version : Dunnet Forest

17-Jan-08, 11:39
Would just like to highly recommend Dunnet Forest. Just been through for a walk with the dogs and what a change since the last time we went. Looks really good with all the new bits in it.

17-Jan-08, 14:49
Is it still as bad for ticks though?
wrong time of year for them I know but it used to be really bad in there for getting them Poppy is usually up to date with her frontline but I tend to leave it longer between treatments in winter.

19-Jan-08, 08:36
It's the thought of the ticks that stop me going - they are very prevalent at Dunnet - such a shame as it's a wonderful place. A friend of mine walks her dog there everyday - the dog has developed an immunity to Frontline, she's used it so much.

Snap Dadie! My dog is called Poppy too.