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20-Apr-03, 05:24
I was wondering if someone could give me info about Vansittart street, Wick.
Our family owned flats and a shop in that area and they were demolished to make room for Council flats or houses in the early 1960s.. Is there council housing in that street or a nearby street that were built in the 60s? Also does anyone know if there was an undertaker in that area in the early 1900s .Thank you for any help. :D

20-Apr-03, 13:22
Hi Georgina you are right
I live in an ex council house in Vansittart street, council houses flats and a car park were all built in the area after the old houses were demolished. There are a block of 4 older houses still in the street but the rest are the new ones built in mid 60's, my parents owned a jhouse there as well, but as i wasnt born then i can't give you details aout shops, but as the saying goes i know a man who can if you can give me the names of the shops and family etc.

21-Apr-03, 04:02
Thanks for the info . My father was left flats and a shop in this area about the mid1920s.
He sold the shop at that time and the rent for the flats was sent to him in Australia right up until they were demolished in the early 60s.I was always told that this was left to him in a will by the man he worked for who was an undertaker.. This is why I am trying to find out if there was a Funeral director in that area at that time and if so what his name was ..Thanks again for any help..