View Full Version : A Man with a Van

14-Jan-08, 14:09
Can anyone tell me if they know of anybody with a van willing to shift some items of furniture from one house to another. Its not a house removal. Would probably take about an hour.

14-Jan-08, 18:02
You can try asking Sam (of Sam's New & Used Furniture in Wick 01955 606030) but I recall that he charges based on how long it's going to take and where from and to. If it's only a small job and it's local to Wick then it will only cost a small amount.

Where are you moving stuff from and to ?

14-Jan-08, 23:39
Yip, I recommend Sam too, I've used him before.

14-Jan-08, 23:50
Thanks emb123. Its just to pickup new furniture from one place to another and then dispose of the old furniture. Its in Wick.