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08-Oct-05, 13:27
I am looking for a group in their mid twentys and above, who might be looking for a singer.
I was trained in the performing arts in my teens and I was also in a chamber choir at that time.
The types of music I like are: The Corrs, K T Tunstall, Damien Rice, Norah Jones, Tory Amos, Eddie Brickell, Dido, Cold play etc
I love to sing and have been known to in a local bar on a few occaissions, though has been a while.
I work shifts, but can make myself available if I feel there's something in this on offer to go for :)

08-Oct-05, 14:51
where are you based?

08-Oct-05, 18:07
I am based in Wick at present. Why do you ask?

08-Oct-05, 20:25
Hi there..

I cant offer what your looking for but i hav an album made an ready for gettin manufactured onto proper CD's, just need a singer to sing a chorus for me on one track! i havent been able to find any from wick (were im from)

I'll send my mobile number in a Private msg to you, please text me or call too say if your interested...