View Full Version : Car insurance for 18 year old

06-Jan-08, 15:58
Can anyone recommend an insurance company for my 18 year old son whilst learning to drive?

06-Jan-08, 16:15

Worth a look, there is so many insurance companies out there, try goggling and getting a quote from a few.

06-Jan-08, 16:30
I can highly recommend using gocompare.com I searched using them recently and managed to reduce a premium from over 380 down to 112!

For a real good lesson on getting the best premiums you may like to have a look here:


06-Jan-08, 16:50
Thanks for that guys. I'm doing a trawl of the compare sites as you suggest - always good to know if others have had positive experiences as well. Cheers :)

11-Jan-08, 14:29
If he is getting his own policy I would recommend Elephant.co.uk! I was quoted nearly 2k for my 1st car (1.6 ford escort) Elephant quoted me something like 1,006.87 I added my dad and limited my mileage to 7k (they don't ask your mileage) and it came to 800. They do a bonus plan where you buy 10months insurance and they give you 1 years NCB

rs 2k
11-Jan-08, 19:15
Hi, It would b far cheaper if u insured the car and put him as a named driver

11-Jan-08, 19:28
hi there, i wouldnt suggest elaphant insurance as my son had insurance with them fully comp, he smashed his car & waited 4 month for them to settle the cliam, he is now with the AA where he got a cheaper quote that includes breakdown cover, try the AA

11-Jan-08, 21:41
I asked my insurance company how much it would ost me to add my son on my policy...they wont put him on until he is 21!...must admit I was kinda glad tho [lol] x

12-Jan-08, 01:02
I went with Tesco when I was 17, then moved to endsleigh.

Tescos were fine and the cheapest at the time without a too big excess.