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Eve M
09-Apr-03, 19:36
Can someone tell me why, when women have a cold, its a cold, but when men get a cold its FLU :confused

Has anyone else experienced this with their men or is it just me :roll:

09-Apr-03, 20:07
So true [lol] and not limited to Scotland.

reporting live from California, Helen

09-Apr-03, 22:23
Only influenza,that's mild here south of the border it's double pneumonia :roll:

10-Apr-03, 10:15
The flip side can also get you into trouble...

I hardly every get ill, and if i do get a cold/"flu", I just soldier on, like most of us blokes do, sure I complain, mump and grump about it all, but what the weemem dont seem to realise is thats how we make ourselves feel better. Its a substitute for chocolate.

Anyway, I had a cold and I was still at work, I was also making my, then, girlfriend's life a misery by complaining about it all the time. She said, if its that bad go to the doctors, I said (of course), its not that bad and shut up about it.

After about six weeks of this, I was awoken during my saturday-morning-lie-in by the doctor, whom my gf had fetched, doc took one look at me, shoved her thermometer in me gob, signed me off work for a fortnight and gave me a 'script for some nasty heavy duty anti-biotics which made me feel worse than the flu she told me I had.

She then proceeded to lecture me on health and stupidity and other such topics, making a huge effort to belittle as much as possible in the process. My reply was that in another fortnight, without her help, I was going to be cured or dead, and if nothing else I wouldn't be getting that flu again. I was most upset to be getting stick from all the women in the house about it. (was sharing a flat with three females - much to the annoyance of the gf hehe)

My point is that no matter what us blokes do, its not right, no point asking our women what the right thing to do would be because by the time they have finished telling you, they've changed their mind. :roll:

Easiest thing for us blokes to do is to "do a Homer" and just let all the babble wash over you while you get on with the important thoughts of the day...

"mmmm bacon sandwiches" :cool:

10-Apr-03, 10:17
Well said Niall, Im with you

10-Apr-03, 11:54
hear hear niall well said.I've also found that(as well as chocolate) shoe shops are a substitute for the munpin n moaning that we do :lol:

10-Apr-03, 15:16
Yes indeed, darklighter -- my Cinderella just LOVES shopping for shoes!