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04-Jan-08, 22:56
Hi could any one help me, i am looking for the telephone number for the cats protection,as i hav a friend that is needing to get her two young cats vaccinated as she lives on her own & dosnt hav very much money i was wondering if they would either pay for her to get the cats done or pay for some of it.
I do remember a few years back when i was on my own & didnt hav a lot of money that they paid for my cats to get done but im not sure if they still do it

04-Jan-08, 23:07
hi why dont you ask lizz she is on the org and she is linked with cats protection and will be able to help you she helped me so much.

04-Jan-08, 23:16
Cheers i will hav a lookie for her

04-Jan-08, 23:23
It is Liz, just one Z. There is someone else with 2 Z's :)

05-Jan-08, 00:04
Call Cats Protection on 0705 007 3378

E-mail - webmaster@caithnesscatsprotection.org.uk

05-Jan-08, 14:28
All sorted!

Thanks folks!:D