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31-Dec-07, 16:44
Hi, we've just recently got a new playful little kitten for our two year son as our cat we have isn't very keen on him.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get them to maybe start liking each other. They've not fought just the cat keeps growling at the kitten and the kitten hisses back at the cat! I've noticed that the cat does seem to be tolerating being in the same room as the kitten now.

Any advice would be really appreciated!

Cheers :D

31-Dec-07, 18:00
It will really just take time.

It is perfectly normal for the older cat to be growling at the kitten as long as he isn't attacking it!
Probably best to supervise them when they are together for a while until the cat tolerates the wee kitten more.
Just make sure the cat has plenty of space to get away from the kitten when he wants and everything should be harmony in time.

11-Jan-08, 23:47
My sister used to have loads of cats and new kittens were arriving all the time (serious cat adiction alert!) The cats always showed similar signs with the newest additions, but things generally calmed down after a while. They just have to get used to it. As Liz says things should calm down in time, but still probably best to keep an eye on them when they are together in case you cat decides to have a go!

12-Jan-08, 00:25
Your cats will get used to each other in time. Had a similar situation years ago and in the end the cats were quite happy together.

16-Jan-08, 19:28
Hi, i have 2 cats and also the same problem- i thought with time things might settle down but i am now 3 years on and my older cat still growls at the younger one. i think its an attention thing???

05-Feb-08, 23:00
Cheers for your replies.

Cats are starting to like? each other well the older one tolerates the kitten. The kitten and cat fight but I presume that its friendly fighting and no one is hurt cos the kitten just runs back for more!

Just think the Cat wishes the kitten will off sometimes and quit pestering her!

So good news!