View Full Version : First Quiz of 2008 - 6/01/08

Andrew C
31-Dec-07, 00:17
Come and get yer brains in gear from 8.30pm in the Quiz room of the chat.

31-Dec-07, 00:38
Lookin forward to it and loving the new look - lol!!!

31-Dec-07, 00:47
Congratulations Andrew C on winning tonight's quiz. The sparkly purple jacket suits you :)

Anne x
31-Dec-07, 02:07
well done Andrew c and congrats to you
makes a nice change jacket suits you

31-Dec-07, 08:16
Well done on winning the quiz andrew see u on sunday

Andrew C
31-Dec-07, 17:20
yes, I think I look rather fetching in purple lol

01-Jan-08, 08:03
Congrats on the purple jacket Andrew. Looking forward to next week's quiz. -H

01-Jan-08, 09:21
Well done, Andrew C.

04-Jan-08, 17:48
Well done Andrew C ... I will try my best to come along! :)

Andrew C
06-Jan-08, 15:55
Tonight's quiz is a review of the happenings during2007...time to do some swotting!

See you there (someone bring some chocolates please)!!


06-Jan-08, 23:08
Well, if that quiz was an indicator of the quizzes ahead in 2008 we are in for a great time.

Andrew C thanks for the year in review.

07-Jan-08, 09:01
Excellent quizmaster, excellent quiz, excellent company and a worthy winner - Trucker!:)

PS Does that mean I get a bonus point for crawling next time :lol:

07-Jan-08, 10:16
Off Trucker? Laguna2 - what do you think lol Only joking Trucker - crawl crawl also - lol

07-Jan-08, 13:05
Sorry I missed it, I had a massive sleep in and was about 4 hours late [lol],
hope to make in next week.
congrats Trucker

the second coming
07-Jan-08, 21:26
Great quiz, really enjoyed the craic, even though I couldnt answer any of the questions. Any clues to next Sunday's theme???? I need all the help I can get, especially after the dessimation of my brain cells over New Year..hic.:confused