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27-Dec-07, 17:47
Our friends bought our puppy a cudddly toy for Xmas from Pets at Home . It was a fluffy pink coloured bird which made an amusing squarking noise when pressed - Priced at 3.99 . We fully expected that the poor bird would suffer from being 'loved to bits' (literally !) by our puppy. As advised we kept an eye on him whilst he played with his new toy. This was just as well as we were horrified to see two small circular batteries fall out of the toy. Managed to get to the batteries before our pup but we were very concerned to think that he could have swollowed them.
Took the toy back to Pets at Home and the Manager was very helpful and concerned. We checked that there were no remaining similar toys on sale and The Manager said he would e mail Head Office to inform them of the problem and that they will probably issue a warning notice and withdraw the product .( He also offered a full refund although I didn't actually ask for one and I didn't have a receipt )
Just wanted to let as many people as possible aware of the problem as obviously a number of these toys have been sold and they could potentially be very dangerous.

27-Dec-07, 20:31
Thanks for the warning. Glad you got the batteries before the puppy did.
I think I saw that toy when we were shopping, it was quite loud and scared my rufty tufty dog [lol] so she picked something else :roll:

28-Dec-07, 15:51
Button style batteries will kill a child or animal if swallowed and not removed from the stomach within a certain period of time as they will leak, they are very dangerous indeed.