View Full Version : any squash players in Thurso?

27-Dec-07, 16:31
I'm looking to ease my way back into playing, something I've not done in about 12 years! So I'm looking for anyone who would like a little gentle knock about.

To be honest I don't even know if I'll be up to playing a full session just yet - but I'll do my best.

As I'm about 6 stone heavier than my best "fighting weight" I'm not going to over do it either. (I've been checked out by the doctor and he says I'm ok to go ahead gently.)

My intention is to get back to something approaching a decent level of play again - who knows I might get to the giddy heights I once scaled, but now at an over 45 level.

So there we go - anyone fancy a game, I'm available anytime of day, if you're interested either post on here or PM me.


27-Dec-07, 17:51
There is a quite a lot of squash players in Thurso.
At the moment there are about 8 leagues of 5 players in each league.
You can get a membership from the shoe repair shop opposite the Bank of Scotland. Its about 50 for the year starting in Sept and is 1 each for a game. The courts are next to the fire station on Millbank road and the leagues are up on the wall with the phone numbers of the players, just phone someone for a game.