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24-Dec-07, 22:44
Hi All
I love a good malt and the new whyte and mackay black label is a treat!
Okay joke over

I have tried some great drams over the years including a great old pultney called Whalligoe - 26 year old I think quite a rare one.
And a stunning 30 year old highland park.

So hopefully that will give me credit - I like the highland malts and usually the peaty "antiseptic" "TCP - Tom Cat P***" I hate.

I was given a great strong whisky to try - now in the past I have tried glenfarclass 105 and I have seen it for sale for around 45 per bottle and it just evaporates in your mouth with a not bad after taste.

Well behold the Arran Distillery 100% Proof - stunning with a great after taste and highly recommended - also at a great price from the online shop!

Try it if you hate it throw it at me!!!!

24-Dec-07, 22:56
Hi granty,

Would have to give the thumbs up to the 'Springbank 20 year old' if yer splashing out a bit...

...not a bad drop if ye can:

a) find it.. and.. b) pay for it:D

A grand cure for the 'man flu' so I am told!:)


25-Dec-07, 01:58
Well put grantyg-love your thread-
One of my nephews-the rich chappie f I may say that-got me a 50 year old for my 50th birthday!!!Dunno what it was for sure as I slaughtered it straight away-georgous-Only memories now but wowee;);)

25-Dec-07, 02:13
Loved the description on the site! May give it a whirl for OH - we loved Arran so hope the whisky is as good - lol!