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07-Apr-03, 11:23
Hi There,

I’m creating a website for Caithness Football, a central hub for all Caithness Footy and am wandering if anyone with good knowlege/links within Caithness Football would be interested in helping out with the site?

Basically what I'm looking for at the moment are people who can write up stories, provide the latest news and results, pictures and general crack for the site.

I have set-up a pilot site for the moment at http://www.caithnessfootball.cjb.net/ for testing have a look and let me know what you think and if you would be interested in assisting.

So far I have news, chat, forums, games, a links directory, downloads, pictures, polls, site search etc and am looking to add a lot more in the near future, any suggestions will be considered.

I think the site does have a lot of potential if 'we' get enough people interested in helping out.

If you personally are interested sign up at the site and fire me an an email here: allandouglas@sidekickz.co.uk so I can set-up your account for news/picture postings etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.



07-Apr-03, 14:24
Great idea, why don't you/we get some stories from the old days, I ken a few footballers from the 50's/60's/70's/80's that would be delighted to tell some tales!! I know the RBL in Thurso have a lot of photos', and I have a few myself, taken by my grandad in the 50/60's in the Dammies. It was FOUR DEEP all the way round the park. They must have felt like heroes! I suppose in that days, with the owld footballs, and no T.V., they WERE heroes!!!

The Loafer

08-Apr-03, 08:34
Sounds good to me Loafer,

If you fancy helping out and have any good old stories pics etc that would be great.

Simpy drop me an email with any material you manage to get your hands on and ill give it a go.



p.s. Anyone else with any suggestions/ideas would be much appreciated as well. :Razz

08-Apr-03, 18:50
Hi Allan.

I can supply you with all the info you need on Thurso F.C.

Just see my website for latest News, fixtures and match reports.

19-Apr-03, 19:49
I am now helping Allan with this website. If anyone can supply the scores from the matches below then I'd be grateful. :D

Castletown V John O'Groats - Div.1 Thursday night

Div.2 - Friday night Mid County V Thurso Swifts and Top Joes V Keiss


22-Apr-03, 14:19
Hi Guys,

Just to let you know that the site has now gone fully live at www.caithnessfootball.co.uk.


16-May-03, 10:14
Hi Again,

Just to let you know that we now have a fully interactive prediction league on CaithnessFootball.co.uk, check it out now there are excellent prizes on offer and much more.


29-May-03, 13:40
hi there,

although i am not into football, i took an interest in the design of your website.

i see it is in ASP - is that ASP-Nuke you are using as your portal? I use something similar for my site, but it's in PHP, although I plan on also getting a Microsoft Server hosting package sometime