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elastic band
18-Dec-07, 00:27
hi everyone,
am looking to buy a carpet shampooer which doesn't cost the earth -does anyone have any experience or advice with them. We have a dyson as a cleaner so this is something to clean the carpets -my wife quite fancies the upriight vax -has anyone any info / advice on these

many thanks folks

18-Dec-07, 14:58
I have a bex-bissell upright carpet shampooer and it has a hard floor attachment with it too. Used with the brand name products it does a brilliant job, is easy to use and easy to clean afterwards. I got it through an ad in the tv guide one Saturday and it was about 70. I get discount on the cleaning products mail order too.

lady penelope
18-Dec-07, 22:45
I love my bissel, it does a great job with no fuss , is easy to use and even washes laminate almost to dry.I've had it for at least 3 years and its still going strong.I bought it from Argos for 100 and is upright and lightweight.

18-Dec-07, 23:19
we rent the rug doctor from homebase, however if your looking to buy id imagine it would be quite expensive.

19-Dec-07, 20:43
I know somebody with a vax upright and she had problems at first with the internal automatic float switch. Basically it is fine providing you only use the correct specified vax solution at the correct quantity. If incorrect too much foam is produced and the float switch will keep activating and removing suction which is irritating.
Various models are available with the one below being one of the better ones.


22-Dec-07, 20:01
I have the Hoover Brush and Wash it is used regulary and i have had it for 10 years now and it is still as good as when i got it. most of my family borrow it so its used at least once a month!

However it is quite expensive at around 200, i was fortunate enough to be posted to germany back in 97 and managed to get mine tax free with the Forces, but as it has lasted 10 years and still going strong it has been well worth the money.

lady penelope
22-Dec-07, 22:45
Elastic band, did your wife ever get her lovely carpet cleaner or is it a surprise for Christmas?:roll:

23-Dec-07, 01:24
I have a Bissell pro heat, It does a fantastic job of the carpets.

elastic band
30-Dec-07, 01:51
thanks for all replies -the good lady still hasn't made her mind up which one to go for -but i think she's now looking at the upright vax one that can do carpets and upholstery -she can't sit on her bum as it is -never mind with a new toy !!