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05-Apr-03, 20:32
I often wonder what has happened to people who no longer come into chat room any more
and was wondering are u all still out there, so heres my list of names that i can remember,
sorry if i have missed any of u out,
so causeypike, stinkyface, bigtam,weeker,dave,weegili,royce52,partan,
gleeber,ijrcc,sjr,caraid,kathleen,betty,madpict,bo b,wicked,doolally,wicker,
puddinface,you,geoff,maverick,drewie,murchygirl,sa ndyr,marion, where are u? :roll:

05-Apr-03, 22:16
Well at least four listed by Highlander have been in the chat this last week.i.e Causeypike,doolally,betty and bob..but there are others like greener,gael2,pippin,colorado,mad max,dylan,eagle2,moonstar
plus many more..so cummon anyone know where they are?

05-Apr-03, 23:12
Maybe we should have a reunion night? What do you reckon?

Anyone think you would turn up if we set a date?

06-Apr-03, 11:13
Highlander, we must be like ships passing in the night!


07-Apr-03, 23:19
Hey Highlander.

Im still alive :lol:

Not been in the chatroom for a while. Been quite busy between Work, my puppy and I have just gotten a Horse :lol: :D :lol:

Hope to chat soon :p

SJR ;)

08-Apr-03, 19:40
Hello Highlander :D I'm still checking in however with the time difference I can never catch any one in. The reunion night is a good idea squidge. Just let me know when

09-Apr-03, 15:08
You forgot about me!!!

That's it... I'm comin' after u ;) (just kidding!)

You and I don't seem to be in at the same time these days - at least I still get to say hi to u in t' passing! :)

07-Jul-03, 00:01
And Me ! :( You forgot about me.
I'm still surffin CCWS :) But it's a time thing. However I'll take this opportunity to say Hello to all my old chat friends and to wish a Very Happy Birthday to me old mate Gleeber

All the best Nifer :o)

08-Jul-03, 04:55
Hey Nifer,
Great to see you back again, its been waaaay too long. -Helen

08-Jul-03, 23:52
anyone know the where abouts of Gael/Gael2..seem to have lost him somewhere down the telephone bill