View Full Version : van 'the man' - again...!

12-Dec-07, 23:56
wis doon at e ironworks at van morrison on seturday night.

wis disappointed that katie kissoon wisna singin as i wis led til believe that she wid be.

howiver, e very brilliant chris barber more than made up for it. he wis a special guest an it really wis an amazin night, it wis really jazzed up lek, really, really....!

seen van last year in edinburgh where it wis all, sit doon sort o thing, but it wis far better til be able til hev a wee bop in e ironworks. definately a better geeg lek. it really wis incredable at e time.

hed e auld chile wi me an he wis fair delited wi e whole thing as weel.

actually there wis a lascie playin wi him called sara jorry (or somethin lek at) she wis playin e steel guitar - brilliant - an she used til play in e dounreay club in weik...she's come along wi eh?