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12-Dec-07, 22:26
My vacuum has packed in. I like the upright sort. What is the best type to buy? any recommendations?

12-Dec-07, 22:30
I bought a Vax Pet's Performance. I definitely would NOT recommend it. It's far too heavy and even though it's 2400w there's hardly any suction on it.

12-Dec-07, 22:36
the best is a HENRY I have had loads of hoovers and fine a henry has a fantastic suction

13-Dec-07, 01:04
lovin my dyson - dear but if you can find a bargain well worth it - no heavy and lots of good bits!!!

13-Dec-07, 01:47
Ours conked out last weekend so Mr Sassy went and bought a Dyson. I nearly choked at the price he paid but am beginning to realize it's worth every penny. Vacuums well, quiet, lightweight, easy to clean out, good warranty, good attachments with long hose so Mr Sassy can vacuum all the stairs from top to bottom without moving the whole shebang.

lady penelope
13-Dec-07, 22:53
I had a Dyson for years and loved it. I now have a pull along Morphy Richards Pets vacuum. Not so good at picking up dog hair than the Dyson.

13-Dec-07, 22:58
I've found Nilfisk to be a great hoover, it's not an up-right though.

13-Dec-07, 23:14
I too am one of the Dyson brigade! But if i add up the cost of all the others i have bought over the years it is way over what i finally paid for my Dyson. They are well worth the money and the prices have definately come down over the years.

14-Dec-07, 02:38
We had a Dyson but the joints in the fittings kept leaking so did some research on the Net and bought a professional standard upright vacuum cleaner.
It's called a Sebo Automatic S 1.1 , made in Germany.
It does all you want and doesn't try to be too gadgety like Dysons.
Not heavy, well made and a proper tool, not a gimmick.

16-Dec-07, 14:59
I didnt like my dyson it was a cylinder one and it didnt pick up dog hair I have since bought a cheapish electrolux vitesse pet lover upright from tescos (approx 80 i think) and it is great!

16-Dec-07, 19:48
If a pet owner then you will need an upright with a direct drive or extra motor to drive the brush bar. Dyson DC15 or 18.
Panasonic have also been reliable as are Miele. Cylinders will generally last longer as no moving parts normally other than the one motor. Bagless rather than bag type as it will save a fortune buying bags.
Personally I would probably choose the DC18 as even if no longer a pet owner it will make a better job of cleaning the carpet piles.

16-Dec-07, 21:50
We have a Miele Cat and Dog and it is fantastic better then the electolux and dyson uprights we have used.

16-Dec-07, 22:27
I would always go for a Dyson - even thought more expensive they last much better than the other cheaper models. I bought a new one last month and got a 5 year parts and labour guarantee with it.