04-Apr-03, 12:48
I keep getting really annoying 'pop-ups' when using the internet and wondered what is the best way of dealing with this problem?
Also, I've read that it's a good idea to install 'firewall'? I can enable this through Windows XP but wondered if this was the best option?
I'd really appreciate advice on this and please keep it simple. My knowledge of computers is VERY basic.
Thanks! :roll: :o) :D

04-Apr-03, 19:55
A good free firewall is Zonealarm - and your pop-ups can be killed with software you can download. I use NoAds which is free, but do a Google for "pop-up killer" and check out the results.
No doubt Niall or Colin will recommend something.

04-Apr-03, 19:58
Hi liz,

i would suggest that you install firewall software as this will help protect you computer from other internet users who may try lots of nasty things which can cause your system problems.

You can get firewall software from http://www.download.com and by typing firewall software into the search bar...this will give you a list of different firewalls and will also give you ratings from other people who have used these firewalls.

some of the popups that appear sometimes come through msn messinger..but you can also download a programme called pop up stopper from download.com which should prevent most of these.

I hope this helps!

05-Apr-03, 03:09
:D hi guys,well i tried zone alarm,nothing but grief......!!!!!!.symantecs norton is your best bet.the best free virus checker is,trends pc-cillin,house doctor call.pop-ups are easily stopped,and the previous poster has pointed you in the best direction.good luck london

Colin Manson
06-Apr-03, 19:16

MSM popups are caused by a service runs in Windows XP, just stop the service and you wont get the popups.


06-Apr-03, 22:07
If you are running xp and you try and install a fire wall you will get a conflict as xp has its own firewall.

06-Apr-03, 22:45
Thanks everyone for your advice. I am hopefully now 'firewalled' and 'pop-up' free!

I'm grateful to you all for your help! :D :Razz :lol:


07-Apr-03, 11:02
To get rid of the messages in xp:

go to control panel

go to administrative services

go to services

find messenger

right click on it

go to properties

in the middle of the "general tab" page, find "startup type"

change it to "disabled"

click "ok"

close services window


be happy!!!! ?;o)

07-Apr-03, 11:46
Ooops, sorry misread what you meant by "pop-ups". :eyes

07-Apr-03, 12:56
Thanks Niall! However, I want to check with you if you don't mind please.

I couldn't 'get to' messenger the route you gave! I double clicked Admin tools and then Services shortcut.
I could stop messengers but a note said:- Transmits net send and Alerter servers. This service is not related to Window Messenger.
If this service is stopped, Alerter messages will not be transmitted. If this service is disabled, any services that explicility depend on it will fail to start.

So, is it ok to stop this service?

MadPict you didn't mis-read what I meant by pop-ups. They're the really annoying Messenger Service ones which, for some reason, I get a lot of. Especially from some girl called Janita! Apparently, according to another pop-up for 'byebye-ads'. they come in through an open port on my computer?!

I have downloaded software from No-Ads but would it just be best to stop this through Windows XP.
If you can get back to me Niall I'd be really grateful.

Liz :roll: :roll:

07-Apr-03, 14:29
Yes, this is the service to stop the messages as you describe.

The messages you are getting are also nothing to do with windows messenger ?;o)

07-Apr-03, 14:43
Niall I'm sorry I know I'm being thick! :roll: Can you clarify do you mean use No-Ads or stop it via WindowsXP?

Ta again!
Liz :lol:

Colin Manson
07-Apr-03, 21:52

Niall is describing in detail how to stop the service I mentioned before. This doesn't affect the normal working of your messenger. All it does is stop messanger "listening" to a certain port, the messages are coming from people that know how to broadcast these popup messages to the correct port, your service is running so your PC accepts the messages.

If you stop the service then the annoying ads from appearing at seemingly random times on your PC.


07-Apr-03, 22:03
Thanks both!

Your help and patience is much appreciated. :D :lol:


08-Apr-03, 11:45
and just to clear things up, the "messenger service" is absolutly nothing at all to do with Messenger, Microsoft's instant chat program.

The service is a network messenger to allow messages to be sent by network administrators to all XP machines connected to their network.

To prove that you are all responsible adults you should now be loading up yer fav search engines and heading off in search of more info on Windows XP Services to find out what they do, what ones you need and what ones you don't. Its really not as complex as you might think.

George Brims
15-Apr-03, 20:14
A simpler solution is to stick to Windows 3.11, which doesn't display popups. Of course it doesn't play MPG, AVI, MOV or audio CDs, and won't run any software you can buy off the shelf. But hey you can't have everything.

17-Apr-03, 11:55
Ahhh... WFW 3.11 - those were the days :D