View Full Version : Carpet Laying

11-Dec-07, 18:09
I have got a couple of carpets but getting the shop to do they laying worked out really expensive.
Does anyone know of anyone who can lay a carpet and isn't really expensive.

11-Dec-07, 22:50
Iv had carpets done by Jamie Durrand he did a real good job & was very reasonable. He lives in Loch street not sure of number tho, but you can always get a hold o him on the taxi

12-Dec-07, 03:05
Donald MaCKAY OF aCKERGILL did all my carpets, he is excellent, he owned Barrogill Carpet Store in Wick.

12-Dec-07, 15:32
Thanks very much, I will try them.

I just feel a bit weird about calling and asking for a price to lay carpets when I didn't buy them from them.
Do you think that it is ok to do that or is it really cheeky ?

12-Dec-07, 15:55
nothing cheeky about asking they can only say no, anyway I'm sure they'll be happy for the extra cash at this time of year.:D

12-Dec-07, 17:04
Thanks :)

I will phone them as soon as carpets are delivered.