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10-Dec-07, 20:54
Howlin' Gaels have just been invited to play again at Hootenannys Inverness Sat. 22nd Dec so if you happen to find yourself down that way be sure to come along, other gigs for the rest of the year are as follows...
14th Dec. Ferry Inn , Stromness Orkney
15th Dec. Georgian bar, Kirkwall Orkney
22nd ( as mentioned ) Hootenannys, Inverness
31st Dec. The Y-Not Bar And Grill, Thurso.

....hope to see you there, ...er..is it too early to wish everyone Merry Xmas?..Na! Merry Xmas everyone.

12-Dec-07, 00:01
Sorry Clash, I'm gigging on ALL your dates (plus more!!), but best of luck and good wishes to all the in the band.

Merry Xmas to all on the Org also:D

12-Dec-07, 01:32
I'll be there. Gaels ROCK!

Long time since I have seen the band, but no way I would miss you in my local!


12-Dec-07, 21:07
Il be there on e 31st! :D

13-Dec-07, 21:07
Mon' the Gaels!!!!