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K dragon
07-Dec-07, 00:19
hello again.

could people who areinterested in movie themed music or themed music in general check my myspace page and listen to "the Nephilim"

been working on it for god knows how long and i beleive that its finally done. so please have a listen.



08-Dec-07, 16:02
Excellent, really enjoyed it, great atmosphere. The only thing I would suggest is turning the bass drum up a notch or two, it has a nice heartbeat effect but its very hard to hear at the start. Cracking track though. I would cut yourself a demo disc of stuff you feel is suitable for soundtrack work and send it to film companies in the US and UK.

Listened to "Keira" too, liked that as well, thats a decent track!

Also I don't see why some of your tracks could not be played at Skinandi's, I think My Electronic Jesus is a great track, if they would play Prodigy then why not that, the only thing I would suggest is make different versions of your tracks, on My Electronic Jesus, I would make a club remix, keep the same track and add club kick drums throughout parts of it, so when the tune builds up there is more of a thoomp, thoomp, thoomp to it that gets people up and kickin. I have done that with quite a few of my tracks, I have two versions, one for pure listening and one for dancing. Same with cerebral ice too, I think that could be played at a club, no reason why not, it doesn't really need changing. The only thing you have to remember when playing in a club, you need continuity, you can't have the music stopping and going quiet for too long cause then you have lassies who forget to stop and get peeved because they look stupid.

Why don't you make a mix set of about 6 to 8 songs, borrow some turntables and try it out, then ask Skinandi's if you can do a set some night? If they say no, try another club, Wick, Orkney, Inverness just send a demo CD of your tracks mixed on it and let them hear what you got.

08-Dec-07, 18:15
K Dragon, Nice work indeed.

I can see something like a historical, battle type movie (ie Troy or Alexander etc) It has a flavour of some of the scores of Hans Zimmer (Gladiator etc).

I know you have some rolling cymbals but I feel it needs some Crash cymbal hits here and there to add some punch/accents etc. Maybe a key change also.

Keep up the good work.

08-Dec-07, 19:29
"Strapped" is a cracking good track, just had a listen to it, well impressed!

08-Dec-07, 20:08
Very interesting piece - my taste in music also. It's good and I enjoyed it - even looked up what the Nephilim are !! (as the only ones I was familiar with were The Fields Of...). A very appropriate and dark work. Thanks for the link.

I agree with Jeemag, Strapped is an excellent track and very approachable even for those who are not so sure about ambient style music.

The absinthe is obviously working :) Scary stuff!

As a btw, when you've a dull moment, also on myspace, a favourite of mine in exactly the same style of music that I came across a while back is http://www.myspace.com/usrsbin (http://forum.caithness.org/go.php?url=http://www.myspace.com/usrsbin) - might be worth a listen.

K dragon
10-Dec-07, 17:52
thanks all for the hints and tips and thank you for takimg the time to listen. i really appreciate it.

and yes the absinthe certainly works lol