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03-Dec-07, 16:47
was in there last week with my mum and the wee one to grab a cup of coffee, and i cant belive how much they charge for a normal sandwich i picked up a ham salad one it said 1.65 and when i went to pay for it a member of staff asked how much it said it was i told her and she told me that that was the take away price to sit in it cost you 2.35! of course i put it back!

crazy price for a ham salad sandwich

09-Dec-07, 20:21
I went in there for the first time a while back.
Tried the bridie and son had sausage roll,was the worst tasting bridie I have ever had! Very bland and the meat tasted like butcher shop scrapings :)
Son didnt like the sausage roll, so overall a big thumbs down from me I am afraid

16-Dec-07, 01:09
they also dont treat their staff well......