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01-Dec-07, 16:25
Can anyone help me out, is there a second hand shop in Thurso that buys books ?
If there is does anyone know how much they pay ?

I literally have 100s of books here, they don't sell well on amazon or ebay and I am looking to make a bit extra for Christmas.

Thanks guys x

02-Dec-07, 00:44
Yes there is a second hand book store on Princess St. next to the Commercial called the Tall Tales Bookshop tel: 07900 284488 Open: Monday - Saturday 9.15 - 5.30.

He dose buy books not sure of prices but it all depends on the books - if they are Stephen King, Dean Coonts . . . they are quite popular but female novelists such as Danielle Steele he will not buy. . just depends on the demand at the time.