View Full Version : 'E' Rock Concert - 24th September 2005

J Wishbone
11-Sep-05, 20:57
'E' Rock Concert
Thurso Viewfirth Main Hall
Saturday 24th September 2005 8pm

Bands appearing:-

The J.Fats Band
A chance to see the man once dubbed "the scottish Jimi Hendrix" in action again. For any rock or blues fans out there this Caithness legend and his band are worth the ticket price alone.

The Stevie Taylor Band
Come along and see Stevie power through some rock classics and some of his own material. If you like his solo efforts then wait til you hear him with his band... ROCKTASTIC!!!

Plastic Food
Thurso band who's EP is just about ready for release. A great bunch of guys with some amazing musicianship and poetic lyrics.

Jack Roller
Jack Roller are a young band from Bettyhill who are without doubt a band to watch from the north. Some of the finest up and coming musicianship around. The drummer will astound you.

Tickets cost 4 and are avilable from Thurso and Wick music shops or on the door.


11-Sep-05, 22:23
emmm eh 29th sept is a thursday!! :confused

11-Sep-05, 23:38
its supposed to be the 24th

The Pepsi Challenge
13-Sep-05, 01:41
The J Fatts Band and Stevie Taylor - on the same bill? It's science fiction, a bizarre bill that deserves to be viewed by the world. Thurso truly is Twin Peaks. And I will be there, you can be sure of that. I'll be the one drinking Fanta and preping vegetable in three different languages. Can't wait.

13-Sep-05, 14:10
Hey Pepsi

Maybe the next concert will have a log lady, a bizarre dwarf that speaks backwards and a psychopathic spirit called Bob.

K Wishbone
22-Sep-05, 11:12
All ages are welcome to attend ERC 3.

Tickets cost 4 each.

The Pepsi Challenge
23-Sep-05, 19:59
Cannae make it along. I know, you're all gutted, aren't you. Shame - I'm sure it'll be great though.

26-Sep-05, 09:36
fantastic night on saturday well done to all the bands great to see mr sutherland again in concert!

well done to the organisers for proving that with planning, creativity and determination the music scene in caithness is alive and well

looking forward to the next one!