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29-Nov-07, 21:00
Need to upgrade my phone and quiet fancy the look of one of the new sony phones. Have heard a few people complain they have a habit of switching themselves off.My daughters is terrible for being unable to find the vodaphone mast and will only let you dial for emergencys.

Any comments would be appreciated.:D

29-Nov-07, 21:16
I currently have a Sony Ericsson W660i Before that i had a Sony Ericsson W810i - i love these phones i have had no problems with them what so ever.

29-Nov-07, 23:00
W810i Is A Great Phone

The W850i is also very good

03-Dec-07, 21:05
Thank's for your replys.

I've now joined the ranks of the Sony army .

Need to replace the car charger now.:D