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28-Nov-07, 22:56
Was wondering if anyone could recommend any photographers in the wick area for some portrait photos id like to get done for xmas?

28-Nov-07, 23:15
Keith Parkes at HighlandEye.


28-Nov-07, 23:20
Thanks northener, will look into it and give him a phone.

28-Nov-07, 23:36
They do portrait photos - Macdonalds Shore Lane, Wick on 01955 602543

Here is a couple of photographers that will come to you for portrait photos

Susan Mackenzie http://www.sdmphotography.co.uk/

John Baikie www.captiv8.uk.com (http://forum.caithness.org/www.captiv8.uk.com)

28-Nov-07, 23:40
thanks alanatkie!!
Like the look of susan mackenzie.. sure it was here that did my friends wedding photos and they were stunning!!

lady penelope
29-Nov-07, 20:13
Hi gemma89, tesco in Wick has a photographer coming to visit on 15th December. He is a professional photographer and is doing this for the MFR Charity. Prices start from 3 for 6 x 9 photo.

29-Nov-07, 20:26
I hope she does not mind me pointing her out, but Raven on this site is probably one of the best.

I've seen the portraits that she did of one of my collegues children - they were excellent. If you look at her photos on the 'photography' forum you will see just how good she is, and then follow the link to her web site.:cool: Quality all the way.