View Full Version : Following on from the butchers thread....

27-Nov-07, 23:58
Any thoughts on any other local independant shops?

Local Grocer Shops?

Does anyone know of anywhere you can buy fresh fruit and veg? That is the one shop that this county seems to miss is a greengrocers - do any farms sell off their produce to the public?

02-Dec-07, 19:45
Bakers-Macdonalds in Wick or the cliff for their yummy rolls.Used to love a johnstones pie but now they are rock hard and barely no meat!!! so now i get mine from macdonalds as they are stowed with meat.

02-Dec-07, 19:48
my favourite bit about Johnstons pies is the shell, I used to pick the meat out :Razz

02-Dec-07, 21:14
Has anyone else tried the sweet chilli chicken wraps from Johnstons? Absolutely gorgeous IMO - I try and get one whenever I fancy a wee treat.

02-Dec-07, 22:01
I agree that the Cliff bakery makes food to die for and it seems not such a busy place a hidden gem if you ask me. Their bridies are double the size of that from Johnstons! I adore Johnstons bread for toast it makes gorgeous toast but not so keen on it without it being toasted.

Caithness biscuits (Halkirk biscuits) and cakes are gorgeous too their carrot cakes are to die for! Their rum and raisin cookies are evil cos I can never stop at just one!