View Full Version : Caithness Time

26-Mar-03, 20:44
Is it me but I am not running in sinc with the Caithness time Im an hour behind [evil] :eek:

26-Mar-03, 21:19
Same here golach, I am 9 hours behind instead of only 8. And I checked my pulse and my wristwatch too.

George Brims
26-Mar-03, 22:30
The guys must have gone to Summer Time a week early. UK puts its clocks forward this coming weekend. Those of us living in the (former) colonies change the following weekend. So, Helen, next week it *should* be a 9 hour difference, but only for one week.

26-Mar-03, 22:44
Yep George, I am all braced for the time change, the most dreaded night of the year, when I am robbed of one whole precious hour of sleep. :~(

26-Mar-03, 23:01
But golach mate where ya ever in step with Caithness time? :eyes :roll: :p

26-Mar-03, 23:14
Its about time Caithness was ahead of the times. Normally they are behind with the times [lol] [lol] [lol] .

27-Mar-03, 12:26
erm, thanks for the bug report and I'm working on it...