View Full Version : Ink Refill Kits

Billy Boy
27-Nov-07, 18:00
Would anyone recommend using ink refill kits for their ink cartridges or is it better to just buy new ones?

27-Nov-07, 20:13
I bought a refill kit a few weeks back a long way cheaper than the refill, and it does up to 8 refills. Replacement cartridge - 20.00. Refill kit - 13.00 including delivery. Only down side is that the my printer still thinks the cartridge is empty but worth the money. Quality is still the same though

27-Nov-07, 21:22
I have tried various refill kits although cheaper than the real cartridges they
are not near as good and don't last ,as printer keeps thinking it is out of ink

27-Nov-07, 23:30
What kind of printer do you use? See mine is a dell and only until recently I thought you could buy dell cartridges from them only and at a whopping price but you can get reconditioned cartridges now Tesco do Dell ones at 14.00 each which is far cheaper than from Dell themselves you also get a lot of online companies now selling reconditioned cartridges try googling it and see what you come up with. Save faffing around with refilling the one you have

28-Nov-07, 12:12
Refill kits are Ok and very cheap if a bit messy to do until you get it sussed.You also need a cartridge chip resetter to reset the chip to read full again. 7 from Maplin in Inverness. They do kits too.
Now I buy cartridges from the net - the last I bought was from www.inkjetpark.com in January for an Epson stylus c86 photo.
They were 14.99 inc post for 16 cartridges. Yes - 16.
They may not last as long but , hey, theyr'e a sixteenth the price of a cheap Epson cartridge !
Shop around , you dont have to pay 23 for a tablespoon of ink !