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26-Nov-07, 21:00
I am going to be taking my family out for a slap up meal in the next few weeks and am wondering where ? so orgers tell me where, dont care how much or where it is, I dont care how expensive or cheap they are as i am wanting a great meal with great service in a nice setting. Being away for so long and not really going out for meals when i am home means i not really clue'd up these days. Upper deck ? silver darlings ? somewhere that has got a varied menu from seafood to steaks.

26-Nov-07, 21:02
Le Bistro
St Clair
Park Hotel
station hotel

not great places

upper deck


the above are just my opinion

26-Nov-07, 21:07
Bistro , never heard of it, where is it ?

I know of the usual hotels, just wondered if there was somewhere extra special ?

26-Nov-07, 21:09
I've never heard anyone complain about the French restaurant in Wick.

26-Nov-07, 21:31
The french restaurant in Wick is lovely.

26-Nov-07, 21:42
French Restaurant or Silver Darlings in Wick have best food and service.
Le Bistro just beside the pedestrian crossing in Thurso also very good.
Haven't been for a while but the Old Schoolhouse in John o Groats was also excellent last time I was there.

26-Nov-07, 21:45
The St Claire in Castlewown is very good also the Bistro in Thurso I was there 2 weeks ago and the food was lovely would deffo go back there.

26-Nov-07, 21:52
Wick's Queens & Nethercliffe Hotels are have Good Food ,Good Drink and Good crack if not try the Thrumster Pub or go farther out of Wick to the Bayview in Lybster

26-Nov-07, 21:57
Ulbster Arms Hotel in Halkirk is beautiful. Newly decorated dining room, excellent service & gorgeous food. Bistro is also very good

26-Nov-07, 22:45
The Pentland, St. Clair in Castletown is good but the French Restaurant in Wick is lovely plenty to choose from on the menu & a really lovely atmosphere.

26-Nov-07, 23:39

Have a look at this link to a great restaurant in Scrabster. They are closed for their annual leave just now but will be open again after the 4th of December.

The surroundings are beautiful, the staff polite and friendly and the food......mmmmm!

27-Nov-07, 01:04
In thurso I cant see past the Park Hotel, good food and at a very reasonable price too and the surroundings in the lounge bar are nice enough with a few toys to entertain the kids in the corner. The Pentland is also quite nice but not got quite the same atmosphere as the Park really. On the Wick side I would say definately the silver Darlings or the No1 at the Mackays excellent food not badly priced (the Mackays seems a wee bit dearer though than the silver darlings) the Bord De Leau is excellent food but the restaurant itself is a bit plain more like a cafe as such.

27-Nov-07, 12:39
Many thanks folks, got a good choice there to pick from and a few places that i did not know. Ideal.

27-Nov-07, 14:29
French Restaurant is defo my fav

27-Nov-07, 21:50
I would definitely recommend the Schoolhouse resteraunt in John O Groats, top quality food in wonderful surroundings!